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All Anime Figures Kotobukiya MECHA GIRLS

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    In a collaboration between Kotobukiya’s original Frame Arms series and Hatsune Miku,
    FRAME ARTIST (FA) HATSUNE MIKU comes to life!

    The design for this model was created by Takayuki Yanase based on the previously released FRAME MUSIC GIRL HATSUNE MIKU designed by Humikane Shimada.

    Brand new molds were used to realize this model’s design, which has not been seen before in the Frame Arms lineup.

    ■ The model features a green and white color scheme. This multi-colored kit allows users to build a realistic model with no painting required.
    ■ The green and white color scheme used is the same as the previously released FRAME MUSIC GIRL HATSUNE MIKU, so parts can be interchanged between the models.
    ■ One mecha face part in line with the product design is included along with one standard FRAME MUSIC GIRL HATSUNE MIKU pre-printed face part.
    ■ Besides the mecha head part in line with the product design, a head part with bangs is also included.
    ■ The twintails are adjustable and vernier thrusters expandable.
    ■ A microphone and microphone stand are included.
    ■ The skirt is adjustable, and the range of movement for the legs have increased.
    ■ The kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts which are compatible with the Frame Arms Girl series.
    ■ The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.
    ■ The model is equipped with 3mm connection points on parts such as the back, waist and calves that is compatible with parts from the existing M.S.G, Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl series.