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Gundam Thunderbolt Gundams Master Grade Gundam Models

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    Overwhelming volume and elaborate detail, reproducible high-mobility type of each place gimmick of MG unique Zaku `Psycho Zaku` appeared !! at MG Ver.Ka - High-density detail by Hajime Katoki's complete supervision. Sealing of texture representation and gimmick in the play, reproduction without leaving the heavy equipment out of the standard. - 01: huge thrusters full reproduction of anime new setting Also reproduced without leaving huge thrusters that appeared to in the play. The large backpack equipped with a sub-arm, three large thrusters. In addition it can also be a suspension of the various weapon and. Achieve the overwhelming volume. - 02: the sub-arm equipped with the expansion gimmick Sub-arm is a large number of axis is charged, moving to flexible. Tip of the claw can also be provided with a weapon. - 03: opening and closing in the cockpit hatch three stages Cockpit is opened and closed in three stages. While realizing a gimmick in the play, produce a multiple sense. - 04: Power pipe sealing texture reproduction Reproduce the sealing to protect the indirect section and the power pipe with a plastic material in Thunderbolt Chu region. - 05: the sole of the foot claw implementation Equipped with a movable gimmick to the back foot of the claw. Enjoy the setting of the Thunderbolt version unique in the gimmick. - 06: accessory parts overwhelming volume A new set to the huge thrusters in the anime version, in addition to the beam bazooka, comes with a wide Weapon. Some armed plurality accessories, have become commodity content of large volume. - Accessories: beam bazooka, Giant bazooka _ 3, Zaku machine gun _ 2, heat Hawk _ 2, Shutsurumu Faust _ 3, Zaku machine gun spare magazine _ 4, grip hand (left and right), weapons possession ( left and right), pedestal, stand