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RG #31 Crossbone Gundam X1

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Crossbone Gundam Gundams Real Grade Gundam Model Kits

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    Overwhelming sense of density and color reproduction! "GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT" 5th edition that pursues the ultimate precision reproduction while minimizing the series ! Three-dimensional Crossborn Gundam X1 appearing in the comic "Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam" with RG! EVOLUTION POINT "Extreme detail" is listed, while the series is the smallest, detail, gimmick is reproduced to the limit in 1/144 scale! Experience the highest peak "Condensed"! ■ We reproduce transformation, docking of core fighter while being small MS by new advanced MS joint. ■ The head is reproduced by minute parts composition, and the shape of Vulcan or skull, eye patch (optional) etc. are also reproduced. ■ We reproduce precisely to radiation fin deployment gimmick of jaw. ■ We combine beam Zamba and Buster gun in Zamba star. Reproduce the color to the limit too. ■ The gear gimmick of the knee armor is also compactly mounted. ■ Characteristic cloaks and effect parts are reproduced in dynamic form. Accessories: Zambaster (Beam · Zamba / Buster · Gun) × 1 each ■ Brand Marker × 2 ■ Heat · Dagger × 2 ■ Beam · Saber × 2 ■ Beam · Shield × 1 ■ Core · Fighter × 1 ■ ABC mantle x 1 ■ Scissor anchor x 2 ■ Heat dagger (foot sole) x 2 ■ Pilot figure x 1. Product contents: ■ Molded parts × 10 ■ Realistic decal × 1 ■ Manual × 1. Scale: 1/144 Item Size/Weight: 31.0cm x 19.0cm x 8.2cm / 430g Release Date: May 2019